has quite amazing information for you. Ranging from history to science, to music, heography, secret societies and religions you can enrich yourself greatly listening in the privacy of your own home or in a big screen showing to others the amazing information found in Documentary Tube! Your health car eis so important learn about it. Are people abusing animals allover the Earth? Why are they doing that? Killing inocent cats and dogs? Is there really medical evidence which is suppressed to the general public? Are there things that you should know that could save your life and the life of your family? Can you prevent cancer and heart disease? Can cancer and heart disease be prevented? There are many videos about the secret societies. This is a topic mane people are getting into. Who really are the secret societies? Some people go back to 9/11 attacks in New York and they think it was all planned. Then some people found out that every American president has been a Mason or an Illuminati. INteresting. Where do the Illuminati come from for exemple? It is a long story and in fact you can go bck to the book of Genesis in the  Bible where it says that Nirmor was a mighty hunter against the Lord. What does it mean? It means that Nimrod fought against God usind diabolical powers. Then Nimrod founded the city of Babel. The whole Babylonian system in Babylon was from Nimrod, in complete opposition to God!

Then in the time of Jesus a group arose called the Gnostics. They said they were christians and doing good deeds, but the secret doctrine of the Gnostics was only disclosed to a chosen few! In the middle ages there was the Knights Templar with De Molay who ruled urope, a sect of the Catholic Church. De Molay is the man who invented the illuminati. So you have may different names and appelations, but one group behind it all worshiping a different god. After that the papacy was harrased by the truth of the BIble and the protestant reformation, they wanted to find something to stop them. Then came Ignatus de Loyola, who founded the Jesuits. Ignatus and the Jesuits were in control of the Inquisition! Very powerful movement. In fact everyone knows about the popes. But since the Jesuits thee always has been a 'black pope' who controlled everything undercover and giving the commands! A goos story of the Jesuits is 'The story of the Jesuits by Jim Arrabito   ecret societies,

Many presidents we have today are Jesuits like Bill Clinton. The you have the bilderberger or the Bush family who attended the skull and bone ssecret society in college, where the futur of America is made and decided! Hillary Clinton is not only a Mason. The highest Mason degres you can achieve is from the 30-33rd degree! But Hillary Clinton is a 6 dan Mason meaning she is one of the top world leader!

How to be an entrepreneur? How can you build your dream business and make it big in life? Is there a secret to success? Can you really think and work yourway into success by applying a finely tuned method like Napoleon Hill describes in 'Think and grow rich?' Many secrets are not know by the majority of people who think they are choosing their food, their medicine, their health, their political parties.These documentaries are amazing and deep truths you have to consider and stydy deeply to see if indeed you have been deceived by powerful societies or not! Is medicine really curing people or just hiding symptoms. Why are millions of people dying while on medications. Why do people have to take these medications for years and are never cured?  

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